About ONAR

(ONAR) was created by the Board of Regents at its 1239th meeting on March 1991, pursuant to the Administrative Code of 1987 which requires the UP Law Center to be the repository of all rules and regulations adopted/issued by the different government agencies.

The Law Center is also required by this mandate to publish quarterly all rules and regulations filed therewith. The ONAR which was created for the purpose evaluates all rules filed, according to a set of criteria, and performs the entire publishing process from encoding, proof-reading, lay-outing and printing.

The ONAR consists of two sections viz.

A. The OFFICE, which receives, records, indexes, evaluates and reviews all rules and regulations adopted/issued by the different government agencies and filed with it. Thereafter, they are encoded, proof-read, laid-out and laser printed for printing/publication. Codification and indexing of all published rules and regulations also have to be made.

B. The PRINTING SECTION, which functions as the in-house Press, is responsible for the printing of all UP Law Complex books/publications and all other materials needed in the research, seminars and training programs.

University of the Philippines, College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City Trunkline: 920-5514
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